Title: eth_write()

If a few tests (e.g., a test to determine if the ethernet packet is either too large or too small) have positive results and the ethernet task is not attempting to send an ethernet packet (i.e., etp_wr_pack is null) and the packet is coming from the ip code, eth_write(fd, count) passes the ethernet packet stored in the dl_eth.de_frame field of the ip port associated with the ethernet file descriptor fd, eth_write()'s first parameter, to eth_send().

If the packet is coming from the arp code (i.e., an arp-request or an arp-reply is being sent out), eth_write() calls arp_getdata() to create the ethernet packet before passing the newly created packet off to eth_send().

If the ethernet task is attempting to send an ethernet packet, eth_write() sets the ethernet port's EPF_MORE2WRITE flag and returns NW_SUSPEND.